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Please see our list of most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that isn't on the list, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email!

Young Golden Retriever Puppies
Are the dew claws removed?
No, I feel that isn't necessary unless the dog were to work on a farm, or even possibly hunting.
Can I select my own puppy?
Absolutely, I encourage all my families to choose their puppy. If a family needs guidance on selecting a pup I am more than happy to advise.
Can I see the parents of the litter?
I encourage families to come and visit with the parents.
What is your return policy?
If something is medically wrong with the pup or if a unexpected situation occurs, I ask that you contact me first.
Are the puppies micro-chipped and/or see the vet?
All pups are veterinarian checked, de wormed, micro chipped and the first vaccination will be given.
Do you have a list of the thing I’ll need for my new puppy?
Yes, I do. Please see following list.

List of Recommended Supplies for a Puppy or Young Adult

  1. Food: Diamond Naturals for large breed puppy - Lamb and Rice formula
  2. Crate: Large or extra-large; these usually come with a divider. The divider is used to shrink the crate. A puppy does not want to soil the area that they sleep in. So, by shrinking the create, the pup will try to keep its area clean. However, I do not recommend using if the pup will be in its crate for more than 4 hours. I do recommend using towels for comfort and or absorption if the pup has an accident. Check towels every time you let your pup out.
  3. Adjustable collar: Check weekly for growth. You should be able to put 2 fingers in between the collar and neck. A collar should always be worn EXCEPT FOR WHEN IN THEIR CRATE. The tags or collar can get hooked and a tragedy can occur. For families with busy schedules this can get overlooked in a rush. For those families, I recommend placing a red piece of construction paper and tape to the floor. When pup is n its crate, the collar is placed on the construction paper.
  4. Harness: Harnesses are great for walking, They give you great control and the animal isn’t being led by its neck. They are much happier when walking with a harness.
  5. Name tag: The name tag should include your phone number. (ESSENTIAL)
  6. Leash: A strong 4ft leash; I recommend the Kong leashes because they offer two handles. The handles are at 2 feet (traffic control and better control) and 4 feet.
  7. Large bowls: for food and water; wash weekly or as needed.
  8. Toys: Stuffed toys and hard firm toys are best. Maybe a large washable stuffed toy in the crate for sleeping and snuggling purposes.